A Way to end ALL Wars


Ok smart ass I hear you say….. tell us how YOU would have done it.


Rule 1 all weapons to be controlled by the UN

Rule 2 That weapon should be the star wars type accurate laser in space so no retaliation could take place.

Rule 3 To go to war before going to arbitration with the UN AUTOMATICALLY triggers an attack on every presidential palace of the offending nation and the capital city.

Rule 3 To go to war with another country after talking to the UN triggers 3 above if you are not out 7 days after the UN says so.

No further laws.

So how do the problems of hostility take a peaceful track??

  1. When a country is compelled to the point that he feels war is the only way out, then he must come to the UN negotiating table.
  2. He must bring all his subordinates to the lower ranks with him.
  3. The two primary leaders of each country must sit at a table with each other in adjoining rooms, in the same house, it doesn’t matter.
  4. Each leader must understand that there are only three possible solutions.

v  They both leave and have signed a peace agreement

v  One ends up dead, and a next available successor takes his place.

v  The other ends up dead, and a next available successor takes his place.

  1. Its simple, an officer of the law is there with these two leaders, and in the time while negotiations are under way there shall be no hostilities or Rule 3 in invoked.
  2. If either one of the two leaders gets to a point where he refuses to continue discussions with the other, simply shoot him, pull his body to one side and get in his subordinate.
  3. The discussion resumes, and article 6 is in force.
  4. Ultimately you get to a subordinate who by virtue of being next in command can now dictate the play for the future, and agree to an agreement.
  5. If a leader (original or not) gets to a point where he believes his country men will not accept his decision, then he must resign, and the leader of the hostile group must take his place.
  6. No man shall leave this place until the issue is resolved.

This solution provides several things:

  1. No hostilities ever
  2. No need for armies
  3. The first casualty from any man that says war is the answer is the leader instead of the common man.
  4. The man that decides war would truly be a brave man.
  5. It shows that NOTHING is more important in the workings of government than preventing a war and the associated loss of life.

If you kill, 1 leader or ten, it matters not, because ultimately you get to a level of rank that would reach an agreement, either to save his soul, his life, or maybe even make a good decision.

So after all this…… why do we need weapons or bombs????

Armies or soldiers?



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