Little green Men


You know, my own idea of how the earth actually got started,  was not the same version as was in the bible.

I think the thing was made up in most respects and by the time somebody got around to reading and writing and putting the thing in text was a long time later.

What we do know is that whatever it took, is already in place and it’s the issue of the right combination to achieve anything you want, as long as you have enough time.

I have long been a proponent that we are either piece garbage or, the more likely, a experiment.

As a for instance, if travelers of another time had come to our planet and were looking for a species to assist forward they would have found an ape like creature that had the versatility to adapt to many things.

Remember at this point in time there is no “Missing link” to previous primates that we know we were once part of.

If I were the captain of a visiting group of alien’s and the science officer recommended a test to see what happens, on a small scale, to a few primates if injected with the travelers gene, (if you think that would not happen take a look at labs today) I do not believe I would object.

Its easy  enough to correct the problem, and it may ease there own conscience as far as their own history is concerned.

It may take a couple of tries, and it may have been as simple as impregnating a female with their sperm, they may have even been into a little bestiality, who knows.

The end result would have been children of ape man that would have been different from the rest, and historians talk of a race that appeared to evolve quickly and take over quickly, being more practical than the rest.

It seems that if this were a lab type of project, it would be natural to, at times return and assess the progress over time, and this seems to be the primary use of Roswell, to check analyze any available reports sightings and information, world wide.

Its important to be first if you want to take advantage of anything, for instance, if a spaceship landed you would want to make sure it was in your country, and that any new secrets that came about were to you, that is natural, if you are the power hungry state that the usa is…… so bring in Roswell.

I don’t really know if this could be true, (space garbage humans I am sure is true) but this place ha been giving cause for general concern for years, and far too much secrecy.

But what really caps it off for me that something is going on, is the highly respected people, rather than a mere civilian, that have been consistently been reporting so much space people, debris, and peculiar alloys for a long time,  can they all be wrong.


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