My wife thinks I over simplify the way to negotiate. You see I believe I have a way that all disagreements of all countries should be made to be carried out.

Being working class I have an aversion to being in the front line taking a huge amount of flack all about me, and I do not regard wars as heroic, and I do not think they are useful, and I also believe they serve no purpose.

This note being written a few weeks after the bombings in London by extreme terrorists of the UK may well seem to be over the top. But right now you have the USA and the UK trying desperately hard to get out of Iraq, in the world according to Dave they never would need to ever enter it.

There are some fundamentals that need to be ironed out first. #1 the US as all countries must surrender all weapons of mass destruction, in fact the only weapon ALL countries would be allowed to have are small arms.

Why?? Two reasons, the first is that the new peace keeping force would be the UN, and the second is, that the USA having been tried found guilty of setting off an atomic bomb, show themselves to be inadequate to hold such a weapon in their arsenal.

They have shown themselves to be warmongers, and to my mind they should have nothing more than pea shooters, but I will stick for small arms.

The analogy that we need this type of weapon is archaic and we should all get real. Particularly the USA who in my mind can be attributed to most of the upheaval on this planet.

I believe you, as a man, have a right to blow yourself up and take as many people with you as you want. I believe that you have been hurt that badly over the years and you feel that strongly you should do it if that’s your preference.

I also believe that if I can catch you doing it I will squeeze the last drop of air out of your lungs and every drop of blood out of your soul before I would surrender you to the police.

I would wipe out your family and where you live, and in all this I respect what you feel. I also believe that believe that too many countries have been wronged ….. so be it… but never ever let the ANYONE have nuclear weapons ever, by reason of their incapacity to have them at all in their possession because they were never really supposed to be used.

The USA have committed a huge crime against humanity, and here today on the 60th anniversary of dropping this awful weapon, we STILL have people on this liberal planet of ours justifying the use of this type of weapon.

How to Negotiate


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