Now why do we have children.

A question that many people ask, and others can resist to put into action, and when I think to myself try to find an answer, I mean, Sue and I got extra amorous for Stuart, but a slip up???? If that were the case we would never have had Victoria.

It follows in both Cases if that had happened we would not have had Noah, and our latest addition Jacob.

No, there has to be something more fundamental in our reasoning to have our children and committing  ourselves to them for quite a few years, and when they leave, we still want to be around them and part of their new lives as they  extend to each level.

So at the start they don’t look so good, positively sickly if you ask me. They cant DO anything, and they do smell of…?.. they take all the spouses time and that leaves less for us men who need the attention so much more.

Then they get to walking and put their noses in everything from one end of the house to the other and all the time demanding more, and by the time school has come along they have a smart answer for everything.

By the time they are 21 they are so impressed by how much their parents have learned since they were 17  when they were giving us hell.

They walk their way, and we hope that what we have taught is not only right, but enough that they make it through this world of pitfalls that at any time could be so very harsh.

They take their spouse, and give us a grand child and it comes flooding back how they looked on their day of birth, and we smile… again.

As father gives life to the son and that son gives life to his son …….. As sons bury their fathers and in turn will be buried by his son………………

We do it because I carry in me, and you carry in you, a little piece of the very first man, to walk this planet. We do it because we are part of not only our past but out future, as no man wants to die, and the only way to live is through others like Noah and Jacob. And those in turn will live through others for eternity.

So not only do we carry a little of the first man,( as long as the system does not get upset), it follows that  we also carry a small piece of the last man.

We have children because there is no other feeling like it and none of us would have it any other way, and its us….. forever……………………………..


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