Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium 

Dont know what it is……..…. I didn’t either till I came across it on one of the more extreme sites I get drawn to.

The principal of the thing is this, we get Depleted uranium which is the very radio active stuff that you better not even think about touching, and instead of burying it in the ground, (which costs a whole lot of money), we put it in many things (like Tanks) but also in weapons…. Neat toxic radio active waste in the head of missiles (short range) and we find, that not only do we make it a more potent bomb(it burns harder and faster than normal) its more devastating, gets rid of the nuclear waste cheap, and pollutes a country for years to come.

The Americans refuse to admit its killing people, after the bomb has exploded (they say) unless you are within 500 ft. of it.

Ever tried to keep kids out of a junk yard, they can play at soldiers (Did you pretend to be a soldier when you were 8 or 10) no matter what their parents say because that is the nature of kids.

Each day they play in one of these things, reduces dramatically their chances of fathering children without some sort of deformity.

Do I think this is bad… nope, because I think that the real issue is this is no accident, I believe that it Is  designed that way, Hitler called it genocide, and I guess I would too… here is a survivors story or here maybe the facts will suit you, and you can make up your own mind whether you believe it is Ok to spread nuclear waste,  ANY nuclear waste, ANYWHERE.Now THAT is bad


The value of depleted uranium was spelled out more simply in a Pentagon briefing by Colonel James Naughton of the army’s Materiel Command in March 2003, just before the Iraq invasion: “What we want to be able to do is strike the target from farther away than we can be hit back…. We don’t want to fight even. Nobody goes into a war and wants to be even with the enemy. We want to be ahead, and DU gives us that advantage.”


I DON’T believe its OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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