I guess when its your time………….

I was reminded of a story today in an article about two lost women, here, and their second chance…. wasted?????? or inevitable?????  here.

In the story….. one of those death of a loved one and coming to terms with the loss. In this case the story revolved around the death of a father and the coming to terms of the young son, in the early 1900’s

The young lad is distraught at his fathers demise and is visited by the Grim Reaper


who tries to legitimize why it is necessary to take people, and explains to the lad its because at some point he has to. “Its is inevitable from the time you are born” at some point I will take you…….

The lad reasons with the Reaper that if he has the power to take, surely he has the power to replace…… The lad begs the Reaper to replace his father to a time before his demise and challenges the Reaper that it is possible to change fate.

To prove a point the reaper changes time to one month before the fathers demise. The month of March, and instructed the boy that he can try, but life has its inevitability, and the father’s time had come…. it was fate.

The lad immediately went into action to save his father being the only one that knew what was going to happen on the 14th April, the day of his fathers death.

His father was killed in a short holiday to a small skiing resort in Switzerland, where the father went out on a green slope, and an avalanche consumed him.

It became the sole purpose to save his father.

As soon as his father suggested the skiing trip the boy persuades him that this would be much to cold, and aware that the Reaper would be waiting, encouraged the father to stay clear of mountains.

He wanted his father to do something different, something safe, something that there was no possibility of something falling on him, or , knowing the cunning of the Reaper, his father falling from something.

The suggestions came fast and furious, but the boy reasoned, everywhere you go, there is a chance that something runs into you, falls on you, the whole world was a death trap……… just where can you go that you could possibly be safe, where has the least likelihood of getting hurt?

Realizing that time was running out fast the boy implores the father to go on a trip far away, and the trip should not involve flying, mountains, cities, Trains, cars, roads, etc, as there was just too many combinations…….. the boy suggested a cruise……

His father used to sail when he was younger, dinghies and the like. To go on a cruise made certain that the fathers feet were on the ground, and far from modern day society so it may have been a logical solution.

The day of the sailing fast approaching and sure enough the Reaper appeared, and remonstrated the boy that the effort he was making is futile, and inquired to the boy of what was his father going to do.

The boy sensing a trick of the Reaper decides to lie and tell the Reaper that his father is to go hunting in Africa, well away from snow, buildings and transport, so he is confident that his father will be secure……. the Reaper seems content.

The lad was secure in the comfort that he had picked the safest, and biggest that he could, but always new that the Reaper would be watching and waiting, so he had picked a date for the father that would encompass a few days before the 14th, and end a few days after…. so covering the whole time period that the Reaper could take advantage……

The date of the sail arrives and the keen boy was at the port with the mother to wish the father a fond farewell and sailing, smiling to himself how he has outwitted the Reaper whose principal aim is death.

The reaper believes my father in Africa, he will not bother us here, and besides reasoned the boy, it was too late to do anything about it. By the time the Reaper found out, my father will be safe and secure.

The mother and younger children waved goodbye to the father, and the boat sailed majestically through the water and out of sight………..

On the drive back home the boy was so contented that his plan had worked, the death of his father on the slopes had been averted, the dangers of modern day life to the greater extent had been minimized.

So contented was the lad he could put his fears in the back draw of his mind, and pics up the brochure of the sail and see what his father would enjoy for the next few days.

The brochure spoke of outstanding facilities, the best food in the world, fantastic sunsets, picturesque sunrises, gyms,heath spars, exquisite dining, safest facilities, in short second to none.

The lad closed the brochure with a contentment that was as the cat that got the cream, as his plan had worked, and mentally wishing his father a great journey.

The boy hugged the brochure and displayed it in a frame in his bedroom at home….. and he wrote a postscript………….

“Today is the 10th April 1912 when my father boarded the HMS Titanic………”

The Grim Reaper moved on……………………………..


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