Nature ??? wrong again ???

Looking at our life cycle it is pretty well sorted out as a pattern……We are born, we live, we die…… Inevitable as it would seem as logical normality, but nature really has got it the wrong way about..

The start and end has its obvious conclusions, even the middle has its own characteristics, but I would venture to say that it really could have been done in another way.

In the beginning, we are dragged out screaming from the warm cocoon of a wonderful caring incubator……. already having a strong attachment for the first person we have ever known.

Its true some births are made easier with warm environments such as warm baths at birth that have nice music to relieve the shock of being ripped out your mothers stomach like a scene from Aliens.

It is here we meet the second person we will ever know.

We are brought into an environment that at the very least is different. We have a midwife that when challenged about her technique goes into a tirade of abuse where she can state quite confidently that she knows best as she has delivered at least half a million babies.

Actually there is a touch of weirdness to a midwife. I mean, likely she has had a child herself, and not being content to never see the whole episode again, she chooses a vocation where she can see the heart ripped out of as many women as possible, a streak of sadism that is for your good.

If, when faced with the obvious hostility we are encountering decide that this is just too much and refuse to breath, we get our second stage of hostility in the form of our next aggressive encounter. We get the crap beaten out of us until we understand that we are being welcomed on the planet, and they wont stop until we appreciate it.

So our first… and second introduction to the planet is one of pain. We look like crap, our hair is not done and we have ourselves been introduced to the first bit of mutilation.

The afterbirth is not necessary I know and I understand its function is now complete, but….. It is a BIT of me you are cutting off there……. For your own good ………is hardly a fair statement at this point, because …. remember…. I have yet to be introduced to vanity, and who the heck cares what everyone will think of me when I go swimming…… its STILL a bit of me…..

And then a wash…… that water is freezing…. don’t they know the only temperature I have ever felt is 78.5 degrees, and the they dish up something at 50 degrees.

Its not that I am ungrateful you understand, and yes I do want to look presentable to the world, and no I don’t really believe that I am presentable with what looks like Sushi spread all over me, its just its bloody cold……..

Ahh comfort again, all wrapped up in another cocoon, which not as comfortable as the first, it will do, and then a first look at my MOM!

It has to be understood that the schematics of that wrenching from her body did not allow me to see her….. I was after all looking the other way……. sort of straight ahead with all these bright lights coming and a wrench clamping both sides of my head which although I understand from the sadist was necessary, did significantly reduce my peripheral vision.

And now we get my introduction to our MOM……hard to define at the start given that my senses are only three or four minutes old. But then…. we would recognize that smell anywhere, and that heart beat….. only one of them…….. I think I know this woman……..

So in the first few minutes we have had a introduction to sadism shock trauma pain and some silly blood sadist says ‘Welcome to the planet’. Please understand that the child is not ungrateful but would give anything to be back in ‘there’ safe and warm……..

It is not long and I get my third introduction, and there is something different about this one….. not the same as the other two, but strangely familiar somehow……….

Now I remember ………….he was there at the start of that race……… the one where there was was this big explosion that marked the start, and we all got jettisoned into a big tube. Must have been thousands of my friends there propelled into what can only be described as shooting the rapids at the grand Canyon………

We looked a bit different then………. just having a fin sticking out the back, and no arms or legs…..and we were…. swimming? Now I don’t really know why I was swimming upstream, but it seemed the natural thing to do at the time…..hard work mind you and never did find out where all the other ones went…… they kinda just dropped out and I swam and swam……………. That’s how I got into the first cocoon.

Learning (painfully) is not over of course once your born, it continues through your life starting as you start to move on your own steam, and not ending till that last breath and the pain nevertheless becomes emotional as well as physical……..

Not all pain you understand, but a necessary part of learning till…. eventually you accumulated enough to live in to a quiet old age and can live out your life gently.

And that is my point……the start and end has its obvious conclusions, even the middle has its own characteristics, but I would venture to say that it really could have been done in another way.

What we really ought to do is start the other way around………

We ought be old decrepit and wealthy, pooping our pants and wearing nappies…. off the life support and progressively getting stronger every day.

But even pain as bad as it may be only gets better every day, you get weller rather than sicker…….

Gradually getting younger and having the benefit of not only some wealth, but having a huge amount of experience to make the right choices in life.

Getting younger every day, with a newer stronger vitality and each day bringing a new adventure that you did not have yesterday.

It makes sense that then you would have everything to enjoy…. really enjoy your life, going back through parenthood, marrying that lovely spouse one more time, and straight into your teens, with your younger sibling arguing with you as it is now all…yesterday…. but today……..

And at eight or nine with an incredible innocence that can only come from children getting more innocent each day, till you get back to that fateful day where you are pushed back into the womb, cosy and comfortable in that cocoon that was provided by your mother…….

Then a gradual decline over the next nine months ending a magnificent orgasm……..

It has so much more of an attraction than we have today…… Nature always does it the wrong way……


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