Drum beats of war

A few weeks ago we had a trial of a guy that killed a young teenager whilst on his way back from the store…… There was not one publication that gave any credit at all to the man that got beat up by a young thug.
Until of course, the real information was made public and the reporters were either too blind or too lazy to go find….. it was always there….
Then there was WMD that again reporters followed the party lines because they did not have the backbone to say the way it was………… remember those aluminum tubes that were supposed to be rockets……….. even though every arms specialist was telling the world they are pipes…. thats all……….
And now we have UN inspectors that say they do not know yet enough about this episode to be firm. Yet war drums beating from every quarter (last year it was Iran) and no good reporting.
Yet we are mobilizing planes boats troops for a spectacular invasion to ‘save’ these poor people……. and as usual testosterone and the convenient need for war are the real motivators behind this issue…..
When will we learn?


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