Did they use chemical weapons?

I of course believe Assad has not used chemical weapons……. and why???? he was winning……. all he had to do was wait………..

On the other hand the rebels see that, and faced with a pretty harsh punishment if they loose decided to launch the weapons themselves, after all….. Obama says thats where the red line is.

I came across this article today………


Weapons from Saudi Arabia

Submitted by katerina on August 31st, 2013

A compelling report compiled by an AP journalist claims that the recent chemical attack in Syria was the responsibility of rebels that obtained the chemical gas from Saudi Arabia. The report claims Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan provided rebel fighters with chemical weapons but did not explain what they were or how to handle them. The further claim is that the rebels then handled the chemicals improperly, releasing the deadly gas.

Furthermore the report claims that at least a dozen rebels interviewed stated the government of Saudi Arabia pays their salaries for fighting in Syria. This flouts the official line that any Saudis fighting in Syria will be imprisoned on their return to the Kingdom.

UN official Carla del Ponte, charged with looking into human rights abuses in Syria, has stated that in April rebels in Syria were most likely responsible for using nerve gas on the government opposition. Her assertion was not widely publicised as it flew in the face of the official line that the Assad regime was holding chemical weapons and international support for the rebel position would be tarnished if Del Ponte’s claims were widely publicised.

More in depth information regarding the claims that the rebels and Saudi backed terrorist groups were the parties responsible for using chemical weapons against civilians in Syria can be seen in the two reports below.




I see the logic here, and it adds up……….. a possibility?


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