Unintended Consequences

The 8 yr old daughter of a very rich family came up to her mother and says

“Mummy, shall I tell you what I saw Daddy doing with the maid today”

“No Esmeralda” said the mother, knowing perfectly well that the Lord of the Manor was doing some extra curricular activity with the bosomy maid…….

“Wait until I ask you a little later”

The mother knowing that they were throwing a dinner party with some influential guests thought it would be a great time to expose the Lords activities to the world so gaining a certain sympathy from all quarters.

By seven some twenty guests were seated around the table, when the Mother said

“Esmeralda, what was in you wanted to say to me earlier?’

” Oh nothing really mommy, I just saw Daddy on top of the maid and they were both grunting”

Satisfied that she had shown her husband to be the cad he is ……….

Esmeralda continued ………………….

“You know….. the same thing you were doing with the gardener in the potting sheds last week”


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