Obama Lobbies For Syria Vote As White House Employs ‘Flood-The-Zone’ Strategy

“What a lot of nonsense. The spin crew want us now to include in this decision…. Iran….. and to publicly say that the power of the US will be undermined if the vote is no. So we are now not going to see a vote on Syria, we are going to see a vote on general global Middle Eastern issues.
This actually gets worst by the minute.
‘Flagrant violations of the international norm’ have been practiced for a very long time by the US and they do it by having this smokescreen of general inclusion of so many things that makes you a non patriot to question the countries (politicians) motives.
To disregard the popular opinion on whether to go to war is absolute folly. What happened to by the people and for the people.
I am of the opinion that in future ANY war needs to go to the house, or better still a referendum EVERY time……….
This is another comedy of errors………”

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