Assad: U.S. ‘Should Expect Every Action’ If It Strikes Syria

Can of Worms?
President Assad has made his case clear it seems……….
“You should expect everything… expect every action,” Assad said. “Not necessarily from the government.”
An ominous prediction in as much as what does it conjure up in your mind, and the guy might have a point.
At the moment Kerry admits he has no absolute evidence….. (But he knows!)
There has been no declaration of hostilities.
We don’t actually know for sure who let the chemical weapons off.
There is no UN mandate allowing an attack therefore it would be illegal.
There is no NATO alliance involvement.
So retaliation in any form that he can would be justified as this is a selective war of aggression on a smaller country, without any mandates.
Thought ought to be given to this statement though. The US is in all parts of the world and many civilians as well as business interests, and all cannot be protected, its just not possible…
So are we doing the right thing, or merely opening up to an awful lot of nastiness.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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