NAACP leader Benjamin Jealous resigns, will leave in December

So Benjamin Jealous is to leave the NAACP?

A very passionate activist and indeed his whole family is, and giving pause for thought, he must eat and live the NAACP every day of his life….. and what is he going to do???? spend time with his children!

But look closely at the video below and you can see the signs…..

Did you notice the answer to “Biggest Civil Rights challenges remaining?” or Restoration of section four, the NAACP rising to the challenge, doubling the revenue to 46M, stronger , more powerful, and financially more sustainable??? and the most telling of all????? “ I plan on training the next generation of people who will lead this country”

Do we really believe that Mr Sharpton is going to let his main front man go?

Mmmmm Just consider for a moment……. if lets just say IF he wanted to change his job and extend it further say into politics, he would have difficulty being the leader of the NAACP wouldn’t he?

The expected promotion of Sharpton and Jackson to congress with Nancy Polinsky and Eric Holder would be complete if an activist such as Benjamin Jealous were to join them. That is my take on what is happening, and, if correct, Hillary Clinton must have a pretty good idea of the pressure she is going to be under if she actually does win the the presidency.

To be with my kids…. sorry Ben… I don’t believe it!


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