President Obama Address To The Nation On Syria!

We were given what can only be a very dysfunctional President try to make a very difficult sell for nothing at all last night.
He made a claim for nothing other than continued negotiations in an event that has become a farce which ever way it is analyzed.
What was proliferated was supposed to be a vote in the Senate for authorization for an attack on Syria for the use of chemical weapons, and instead we had back peddling after being sideswiped by Vladimir Putin in a stroke of brilliance at averting a confrontation.
The president was up against some key items, that the most formidable Obama knew he would not be able to get over.
The Red line that was set by Obama as his limit, quickly became a global red line when limited support for an attack became apparent.
Evidence that should have been provided at such an important address was not evident in any shape or form. Too much emphasis on ‘We know” when in reality there is strong suspicion but so little to back it up.
“Unbelievable small strike” according to John Kerry and so it was contrary because the President when addressing the issue said the US does not “Do pinpricks” in reference to criticism of what the strike would be.
Give up his chemical weapons said Kerry when asked what Syria could do to avert a strike, in an off the cuff comment that he qualified as not being serious.
Russian President Putin quickly exploiting the comment and brokering a deal with Assad, to take advantage of a great opportunity,was a stroke of genius.
Assad agreeing to be rid of his weapons, and allow them to come under international control to be destroyed.
Boots on the ground, that have been off and on the ground as if levitating.

One thing that has become very obvious is that people, Americans dont want war and to some extent has been the saving grace of this issue. The President has responded and yet been reserved enough to make sure people are informed and to listen to the rumblings.

He has been given a lifeline by the Russians and he has taken it, which has got him out of the mess at least temporarily in the face of a loss should the vote have gone to Congress…… All in all…… no war…. perfect!


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