Rantings and Ravings and Really questionable opinion…….

The World According to Dave

I have for a very long time now had some basic disagreements with the world it seems, and on this basis I have put together a series of hypothesis or legitimacy for my cooped up and unusual world.

Now you must understand that I do not believe my views are extreme, my wife Susan believes that I am absolutely certifiable, the reason for which I have yet to decipher.

My children, Stuart & Victoria I believe, think that, at the very least, that my views are revolutionary, and its probably best not to say what Stuart has said in past discussions, that show the more aggressive side to what I believe is a very rational temperament. And all that is required is to take a sideways look at things and only then can we better understand.

Check this out, look up in the sky at night in any part of the world, and what will you see ? stars ? not so, because the stars are so far away that the image of that light coming toward us is doing just that, still coming towards us. So we cannot categorically say that the star still exists. Now, will you believe your eyes, agree that I am telling the truth, or accept that we can look at the star that we see, with a further consideration that it may be gone. In my case I do not readily accept what the professionals tell us, I mean the earth is flat right, and a ducking stool proves conclusively that you are or not guilty, and according to the British Admiralty there will be no useful purpose in battle for a submarine.

From what I understand from Susan is that because my views are different and somewhat obscure, they must be wrong, and Susan forgets the obvious change in her pattern of thinking over the years to what can only be described as fanatical when she finds out that something is unjust and worst,…. is true.

Shit happens, Waco was ok, world wars are started by idiots, 9/11 happened on 9/11 the invasion of Iraq is ok, Presidents don’t lie,  Hiroshima was unavoidable………..

An example of which I will try to legitimize for you now, and I pick this particular item, because as I once again, change the format of the “World According to Dave” (yet again) I am reminded of the most recent change of heart and so close to your Susan’s  sense of justice that I am most reluctant to use it, but will nevertheless because it graphically indicates how someone as gentle as Susan can be hoodwinked by the system, and the trouble is its ALL of us.

For many years, and in particular the karate years, I have had the good fortune to have met some Japanese that I must admit have an absolutely exquisite historical culture, and one that I must admit think wonderful.

So much so I have studied how Geisha’s serve tea, with perfect finesse that is second to none, how the tolerance for insubordination from a mere mortal results in severe and absolute punishment, not just for the offender but his whole family.

Or how a man can, at the command, not only slit his belly, and to guarantee his place in the afterlife, he must do it with pomp and pride and with ceremony that the world must see, but also have his very best friend have the honor of doing him the service of taking his head from his shoulders with just one blow of the sword.

The friend had to be picked with some careful consideration, because as with the English when going to the axe, it became necessary to make sure that axe man was sufficiently persuaded to make a clean cut, and this being made in the form of a large tip, which, you hope assured you a swift death, and not, partially decapitated, which was, all too often, the case with axe men. Not deliberately you understand, but all too often the whole event was a big show, and the nerves, and the ceremony of the situation would often throw the axe mans aim.

The Japanese prided themselves on a big grand death, for if it were to be so, then they believed that, they should die the very best of all who have died before them, and the European common name for this was Hari-kari, but to the Japanese it was called Seppuku and was reserved for the social upper classes.

Usually being that the noble ranks were afforded a respectable way of dying, and a way where they could put their affairs in place, say goodbye to their loved ones, play one more time with their children, grandchildren etc, pay any debts they have, and move on to the next life in an orderly way.

How barbaric I hear you say………… and how civilized I would say………barbaric is this here

Imagine a world where we die with such order, a world that when your time has come, you accept your lot and move forward to the next stage (wherever that is, which we will get to later) and do it with dignity and pride instead of gripping to the last shreds of life as if it is the be all, and end all, to be in a hospital bed and infirm for many years, or being shot like a dog, which we are good enough to bestow on the military personnel that are good enough to defend us, by sending them to some god forsaken Muslim country for no good reason.

My wife believes because of issues like these that the Japanese are barbaric, and has until most recently believed that Japan and its subjects were the reasonable recipients of an atomic bomb that claimed the life of approximately 400,000 souls in the first few minutes and lord knows how many since.

My own view is that nobody, nobody at all, including the United States, United Nations, Europe, England…… Nobody has the right to inflict this sort of damage on the human race or any part of it.

My wife believed as do many in the world that the only way to stop the second world war was the bomb, and the usual rhetoric, of saving lives etc, which were lies and at the very least Mass Genocide is a more apt name.

This can be read by many accurate and Western accounts written by people who knew and Hiroshima 1 and then to Hiroshima 2 can give you a full insight to what actually happened.

When I explained to Susan that the Japanese had already started negotiations with the Americans through the Soviets, she did not believe me.

Decide for yourself, under what circumstances is it ok to fry half a million people that are negotiating surrender. If you can put a set of circumstances to this scenario, you are a better man than I.

On the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the television the other night, she watched, and was flabbergasted to learn that the mass genocide of the Japanese did occur and nobody did anything to stop it happening, Just as we of all countries had pogroms against the Jews, and none of us admit they occurred.

A further thought on this subject may also tell you why the Russian had such a severe distrust for the Americans, after all how could you trust any nation that would while conducting a parley for surrender, would wipe out hundreds of people?

And so with issues such as these in mind Dave has put together all his pet hates and world to rights that he can think of, not least of all that I promised Victoria I would, and hopefully if one idea or thought can be partially legitimized by anyone on the planet, please let my wife know that I am not the crazy crackpot she thinks I am.

So welcome

to the weird and wonderful very wacky

World According to Dave


You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one


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