Voyager 1

Voyager probe ‘leaves Solar System’


So at last we see that Voyager 1 has now left the solar system officially…… to head for a star called AC +793888, (as if scientists could not have thought of a better name for something as significant as this). The star it aims for is not one it will ever reach alive……… the prospect is good to get there, it just wont have capacity of power as its batteries will have long died, but it does have 10 to 15 yrs of power resource left. Take a look below at what it sees at the moment….

We are there that oh so smaller dot……..Voyager-1….will not approach another star for nearly 40,000 years, even though it is moving at 45km/s (100,000mph).

With 17 hrs currently to get a signal back to earth it really is a feat of 1970’s science…………….. Its job done some twenty years ago, and yet still, giving more information and 36 yrs ago the prospect of this craft going to these extremes and this distance……. was unheard of.

But they may be something else that Voyager 1 and its partner Voyager 2 going in the opposite direction will achieve even yet. As the batteries die, so will its on board systems and will maintain its flight to its target, and although you and I will never see its progression, there is always a very small chance that it will be seen again, not by earthlings you understand but by some new race many many years into the future.

Theoretically it will stay on its course at its same speed for infinity, as an object that “is not acted upon” , and will therefore stay in motion. And as it travels out far away from our sun, its temperature may get lower than a minimum of just 2.7 Kelvin or -270.45 Celsius, but realistically about -250 celcius. Only 23 degrees above absolute zero.

ImageThis final frontier does really hold something if indeed this planet of our succumbs to humans greed or malice, or even a assault from one of the many thousands of rogue pieces of debris that could wipe out our existence in a few seconds. It is comforting to know that even a small piece of our planet is still hurtling through space and will endlessly, unless someone or something stops it.

The romantic side of me says that should it last what may be ions, should some intelligence be able to identify it, and even apprehend it on its journey, they too will look up in the sky and wonder what became of the race long gone who were able achieve the epic goal of putting this machine into space on the path to their doorstep, and yet not able to secure their own mortality……….. those faces, I would love to see……..


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