US and Russia agree Syria chemical weapons deal in Geneva

“Well, well,well….. politicians actually doing their political job.
This is really a bit of good news amongst all the rhetoric……. today Obama is breathing a sigh of relief, but to be honest, no thanks to him or Kerry. Putin is exploiting their foolishness, but has scored real points in this………
The red line, degrading the Soviet compromise, the vote in the house, British escape, the pandemonium caused by reckless intolerant attitude….

John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov
This should be a lesson to the Brits too…….. not to blindly follow.
All these are relevant issues, but at the end of the day, who brokered the deal…… THE PEOPLE DID!
Starting with the Brits to defeat a vote that showed real sensibility form the parliamentarians……
Then Obama putting his toe in the water with the Americans finding that it was scalding hot forced a huge amount of backpedaling, and best of all, FORCED NEGOTIATION between all sides.
The only negotiation forced by the will of the people in 50 yrs and the ONLY one that can be called a success…….. Now lets start looking at every single weapon that has an indiscriminate nature………….
Seeing you guys are actually talking now, lets look at depleted uranium, drones, atomic weapons………. its a good start!”

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One thought on “US and Russia agree Syria chemical weapons deal in Geneva

  1. BY:Boopsie2008
    Hold the Vision-Trust the Process: Obama/Biden
    Huffington post

    Here is my very succinct reaction: Dam!

    Secretary of State John Kerry obtained a stunningly comprehensive deal.

    Paragraph 6 — Syria has agreed to the removal of its ability to produce chemical weapons.

    Paragraph 8 – ONE WEEK DEADLINE to produce “a comprehensive listing, including names, types and quantities of its chemical weapons agents, types of munitions, and local and form of storage, production, and research and development facilities.”

    Syria AGREED to sign and participate in the Chemical Weapons Convention, short for “Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and their Destruction.” Under this treaty, destruction of chemical weapons is verified by an independent organization based in the Hague, Netherlands, called the “Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons”. (not a typo, that’s how they actually spell the first word)

    Also – UN involvement and oversight AGREED TO. Inspectors on the ground in Syria in six weeks, with unfettered access to everything. Russia, as one of the five permanent members of the U.N., has also agreed to U.N. Security Council oversignt and a resolution being sought by the board of the Chemical Weapons Convention for sanctions for violations.

    So in other words, Kerry has set up a forced march through the world’s existing structure for verification and destruction of chemical weapons, with UN oversight and sanctions.

    This is a masterful resolution.

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