Your Government does not give a hoot about you! But we just changed that!

Your Government does not give a hoot about you! and they have no, absolutely zero interest in what you say……. Consider your choices…

Election of the Leader is an issue looked on with pride by most people every four years. A time for discussion and debate. A time when the hype and opinions of the media go in to speed of ballistic proportions. YOU are going to elect The President of the United States!

Its a forgone conclusion really……

Predictors and analysts, pundits and insiders, all professing their knowledge and all knowing eye, assessing the out come. You get a forensic analysis of what the region, state or country did, is likely to do, and what they wont do in rich 3D format with collapsible screens, and zoom in/out capabilities.

Elections are as forcastable, and with about the same degree of accuracy as your average hurricane approaching the coast. A whole series of data taken of years gone by and fed into supercomputers that then assess and average of what possible and what is not. When you vote that is exactly what you are…. a tiny bit of information that, is true to say, makes up the whole picture, but without your vote the outcome changes not even one iota!

A modern digital computer represents  binary digits, each of which has a value of 1 or 0. Thats YOU! That is your equivalent if the country were a massive computer, your vote being no more than a single bit.

Although in order to do anything the computer NEEDS bits, but here is the catch, they are simply no good unless you have enough of them. So although you may well be a bit, to do something with you it is important, no, it is essential that you grow to being a byte!

The most common unit of storage is the byte, equal to 8 bits, say all the adults in  two houses, so it would take the collective vote of 8 voting adults to become the prestigious value of a byte, or the point where your vote becomes a little more significant when used collectively. You would now be a character ……with one byte per character. You are officially now a ‘something’

A Kilobyte being equal to your town, or basically the world you live in, and now we actually start to get somewhere on the scale of recognition, in as much as you can be fairly well identified.

A megabyte equal to your city,is possibly the best expression for this (taking as a generalized assessment to round things up). Now you have become noticeable in the countries computer, and are noted as such, as you (collectively) are now something that is tangible and can now do something constructive.

So you get the idea and although not equivalent to actual votes can for demonstration purposes be looked at this way…….

1 Byte = About 8 adult votes
1 Kilobyte = 1,024 Bytes = your town
1 Megabyte = 1,048,576 Bytes = your city
1 Gigabyte = 1,073,741,824 Bytes = your state
1 Terabyte =
1,099,511,627,776 Bytes = your party

So the sad fact is that although you have a life, emotions, pleasures and existence you are really nothing at all in the scope of a tangible something inside this computer. The system only recognizes numbers and by association, the bigger the number, the more its likely to take notice…..

Now back to that election of the President which YOU have to decide, well you think you can decide. Which of course is nonsense, you have transfered your right to the kilobyte (local official) who now has his votes, not your…..HIS VOTES. You now have absolutely no further ‘right’ in the process… none whatsoever…..

And he in turn relinquishes his right (and yours) up to the Megbyte, who in turn relinquishes to the  Gigabyte who in turn go to national party level (Terabyte) and ultimately we are left with two possibilities ONLY, and that is decided by someone other than you!

Your thoughts on the military, the social system, international issues, justice, crime, war, peace, your dreams and aspirations that your country urged to you use, appealed to you to use, was passed on through several levels and now another, who does not understand or have any idea of who you are, has been entrusted with this vote to prefer one of two options.

So this vote for the President is not longer about all those ‘bits’, its now in the phase of what the Terabytes want, and we all know how these can be persuaded, by lobbyists, affiliations, personal interests, party interests, favors, debts owed.

And they are using YOUR very special vote that actually means nothing individually but collective becomes a block vote that you have your future hopes based on, but has been given away. The average opinion is the only thing that your vote is part of and you are insignificant…… or should I say, after these last two weeks were insignificant!

Last week for the first time the peoples of the Western World played the system at its own game…. and WON.

Starting with the people of the United Kingdom reorganized their bytes to collectively bypass all levels of power and dictated to this vast computer what they want, and the computer had to listen.

In turn the USA mirrored that same image and so dictated their opinion to their Tera byte in a way that has never been seen before in modern history……… and in turn the Peta bytes (Presidents) had to listen.

For the first time in so many years the bits have turned on the Peta Bytes and dictated the whole game, the collective block vote game that has for so long been used against the bits because they don’t know the technicalities of the system, not informed because of national security, not streetwise enough to know how to recognize a threat because they are for want of a better word, ignorant of issues at government level, or for that matter international level.

Three weeks ago you would have bet there would be a whole lot of missiles being dropped on Syria today. And I would venture to say that regardless of the rumblings from the UN and nothing more, the protests from the Russians, and the pictures of possible gassing, you would have bet a hefty sum on a lot of military action, taking place right now!

Today we have changed that. Us… the insignificant Bits in this mega computer have finally grown up enough to know what politicians have known for years, that individually we are an insignificant Bit, but when speaking collectively we are a Super Byte that can make a Peta Byte look foolish.

This week has been a victory for common sense, governments have had to take notice, and, will be more careful in their decisions in the future, consulting a little more, and taking us a little less for granted , leading us by the nose, sitting when they say ‘sit’ and standing when they say ‘stand’.

So the next time its raining outside, maybe snow on the ground, or even that football game you want to watch conflicts with available time to go to a voting booth, just remember the power of one little vote….. Yours …. use it well, its much more than JUST a Bit!

Use it wisely……….







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