You Can Sew A Beak On A Frog, That Doesn’t Make It A Penguin…

Had me busting up this one did……… never was the sympathetic sort…

Homecoming Blubbering – Look at MEEEEEEEEEEEE

Home – by BigFurHat – September 23, 2013 – 20:00 America/New_York – 49 Comments

Lance, the homecoming queen, is upset because the world hasn’t put a perpetual tiara on him. He’s upset that his life isn’t magically skittles and rainbows just because he’s a gay guy. He’s a gay guy that isn’t quite content being a catcher. He wants to remove the guilt of deviancy by claiming he’s actually a girl. Eventually he will change catcher’s equipment. But this won’t make Lance a girl, no matter what anyone says.
You can sew a beak on a frog, it doesn’t make it a penguin.



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