Another Fairy Story

“The Godmother told Cinderella  to enjoy the ball, but warned that she had to return before midnight, when the spells would be broken. The bell struck 12 and poor Cinderella ran from the ball, her evening gown changed to rags, and nothing but one slipper remained.”

Well the bell has rung, the ball has ended, and today we are stuck with the two ugly sisters that cannot agree. The government shutdown has begun at a couple of minutes to twelve, when authority for government spending ran out.

There has to be an alternative way to run government business. The last time a government shutdown occurred was in 1995. That shutdown cost much more than the total sums involved.

One ugly sister insists any new spending include provisions to either defund, derail or otherwise chip away at Obamacare. The other ugly sister is just as insistent that it doesn’t.

Just whom suffers in this situation? well not the President, as, his salary is deemed essential. Not the House or senate members who are responsible for the event, as they too will be paid! The person who suffers is the people, who have had no voice in the issue and are least likely to be able to afford the loss.

Prosecutors will not be in, if you want a passport you will not get it, or perhaps you have been planning that visit to a national park, its likely you will find that gate securely bolted.

No doubt tomorrow the 1st October when the house returns at 9.30 am there will be a flurry of activity to see if the rags that Cinderella wears can be salvaged, and even with this effort, the last shutdown fresh in the minds of many, which lasted five weeks.

This shutdown has happened because alternative agendas prevail, and the house are the last people on the planet that may be bothered by it effects.

The eventual result actually matters little, as, on the 17th October (another issue, remotely connected but equally as controversial), is the more important (and in more ways than one, the actual nucleus and primary target) of increasing the national debt of $16.699 trillion, which the government has maxed out.

Today is the start of a very rough month for both ugly sisters who cannot agree, and consistently blame each other for the calamity that now befalls them.

Our Prince charming Obama it would seem, has had more luck these past weeks with wooing sworn enemies such as  Syria and Iran than he been able drum up in the senate.

“The Prince pocketed the slipper and vows to find and marry the girl to whom it belonged.”

Which is infinitely easier with that elusive glass slipper, than it is with the representatives of the United States of America!


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