What a World we live in.

A case that is currently being tried at Cardiff Crown court in the UK attracted my attention today.

Andrew Woodhouse , of Govilon, near Abergavenny, Wales, is on trial facing assault charges on two raiders he found stealing diesel from his business.

It seems Mr Woodhouse caught a couple of guys red handed…… and arrested and held them for the police. Trouble is , to the police he was a little two aggressive, because he took a wooden post off the two thieves as they assaulted him, and he started beating them with it.


The result was :-

Woodhouse chased Kevin Green (pictured) and left him with two broken legs and a broken arm, the court heard

Two Broken legs and one broken arm for this guy……… and the other one held until the police took him away…. no need to hold this one heh heh!

But somehow the police saw fit to charge Mr Woodhouse with assault……….. GO FIGURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “What a World we live in.

  1. The criminal seems to have more right to steal and/rob you than you have to defend/protect yourself and/or your property. Outrageous.

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