The Race card in full swing…….

A Post meant as a joke on Friday night got a few in some trouble with the Black Grievance Industry again, which they were not slow to jump on.

It seems that at every turn this recurring issue of race just wont go away………. Any person of color whilst in the confines of persons of color know that there is racism on a fairly grand scale on their doorstep.

Ask any have they been in a conversation where the reference to a white has been Uncle Tom or Cracker, try Oreo etc How about Ann…. or Bule, coonass, gringo, Gweilo, honky and peckerwood………. the list just goes on……………..

So why on earth would anyone deny the existence of racism amongst blacks against whites?

Just the same as the N word…… its (now) a black word therefore not offensive if used by blacks, and the black grievance industry says so……… so comedians (as long as they are black) can use it and its not offensive, but the fires of hell are gonna rain down on you if your not.

There is racism in every race….. its life, but lets not say its ONLY whites that are racist…..



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