Is Malcolm X a bad role model?

A school in NY decided that Malcolm X would not be included as a role model and the students were asked to choose someone else.

The story is here:

And me being my usual self posted the first post :

“This man was a larcenist and a thief……..he preached Black supremacy…….
In April, Malcolm X gave a speech titled “The Ballot or the Bullet”, in which he advised African Americans to exercise their right to vote wisely but cautioned that if the government continued to prevent African Americans from attaining full equality, it might be necessary for them to take up arms.
Perhaps I am reading the wrong books?”

Then mostly nice conversation until an uppity came along and what does he write……

“You are so proving my point about the race problem in America, and why many Blacks aren’t buying the integration speak anymore. We need to stop trying to convince individuals like yourself. After all these generations it’s crystal clear that’s a fruitless futile effort. Regardless of what YOU may think Malcolm X was a great man, on par with Dr. King and deserving recognition by today’s Black youth, particularly the males.

Say whatever you will about the Nation of Islam (and I’m not affiliated with the Nation) they DO have a message that a good number of Black America is synthetic to, and a proven prescription of turning around the lives of countless Black men. Jessie Jackson, the NAACP, Sharpton, & Co. cannot boast that. Wherever the Nation go all over the country they draw crowds that integrations can never draw. And instead of trashing them you should investigate why that is.

Now, as I said, I’m not trying to convince individuals like yourself. Like many in this nation, especially Blacks, you have fully swallowed the rhetoric of integration as a successful strategy in spit of the absence of tangible benefits. “Freedom” and “equality” means something totally different things to you and me. So you and I will never agree, and I’m cool with that.

But with that said, Malcolm, my #1 hero, earned the right to be written about by Black kids. This is why we should teach our own children with our own teachers.”

You Know the racist Huffington post took down my post…….. that publication is so one sided its unbelievable……..

Anyway…. if Osiris you have the guts to post…. lets have a true debate…….

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