Sue your Daddy? $$$$$$$$

A young lady broke into the headlines this week.

This little butter would not melt in her mouth Rachel Canning  is attempting to sue her father, Sean Canning for monies to continue her education an for the usual living expenses,,, problem ???????, when she turned 18 and almost on the day she did, she told her parents to go swing…..

The point now being is some far reaching out of the box idea from the lawyer

Legal process: Rachel Canning with her lawyer Tanya Helfand.

Who says that the ‘child is non emancipated, to which the parents reply that she emancipated herself. This is the same child that is now 18 and therefore can do what she wishes and not what her parents wish…….

She is of course being helped by the two other witches of eastwick that are her good friends seen here trying to put a hex on Sean Canning…….. (Rachels Father)

If looks could kill: Inglesino's children Jamie, left, and Lauren, right, glower at Rachel's father, Sean. The Cannings claim that the Inglesinos run a 'lenient' household where drunken parties are ok. They claim Rachel had her first drink at their house and once came back from a party so drunk she vomited on the sidewalk

Collectively these three are making everyone’s life hell, but that in itself does not seem to be good enough because the whole thing is being financed by the father of the friends, a guy names Jon Inglesino who is a millionaire lawyer in his own right, who is actually financing the whole thing for his two monstrous offspring and their leach of a friend that is now living all trog3ether in Jon’s house.

Jon, who lives at the same address as these three I would suppose sees all of them on his way to the bathroom every morning, and with his receding hairline, and leech-like qualities of a lawyer is seen here.

Support: Jon Inglesino is pictured with Rachel Canning at her hearing this week. She is suing her parents for abandoning her when she refused to move back home and live within their rules

Ask any woman what that glint in his eye means and the way he is looking when this photo was taken..;…..

Now is this the normal way an adult handles a situation of this sort with some one else  child??? one that you gave alcohol too well before they were 18, one that you brought home to her parents house at 3 in the morning?

Mr Jon, I have no doubt will have a little explaining to do over the next three or four weeks…..



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