Mystery MA 370

A very serious enigma this one…….

On the 8th March at 12.41 am Flight MA 370 took off on a fairly regular flight to Peking……. except that at 1.07 the last signal was received from it……….

So what do we have that is absolutely accurate?????

1. Took off 12.41 course 25 deg

2. 1.04 change course to 40 deg

3. 1.07 signal ….. ALL signals lost……

The important thing about this piece of video is that at UTC 17.48 or 5.25 into the video the aircraft turns from a course of 25 degrees to 40 degrees immediately before being lost from the screen.

Additionally we now see a height of zero ft…. which is trouble some….

We then see the aircraft stay on this course for another 15 seconds before being lost. If you allow for the time lag then it in all probability was on that course for about twenty five seconds, yet, there is not one report of the aircraft doing this before the proposed turn to the west.


As we have no contact of the aircraft, and no ransom note or epitaph from a rogue pilot we can assume the worst.

So what MUST have happened???? We know the transponder went off, the radio also went off. No mayday, and no communications.

The prominent theory to me is that the aircraft struck something (or something struck it) knocking out all electronics leaving the pilot only a brief moment before decompression sets in to either set the auto pilot back to home which probably would have been a one button touch before hypoxia setting in.

I would think that his first thought would be to head back to Kuala Lumpur, although, Vietnam he is just 150 miles from……………. dead ahead, yet, instead the skipper chose to turn around for some reason.

Either the aircraft broke up in midair (into very small pieces) or it stayed on a course of the auto pilot till it ran out of fuel.

The report today that wreckage has been spotted again in south Indian ocean which works in almost exactly correct with sighting of previous wreckage that was spotted a couple of days ago.

death flight

This is  about 3600 miles or pretty well on its limit considering the fuel that was carried……. it also tallies in with obscure radar report from a satellite 36 km up in the sky.

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