Palestine…Our shame

Today the UN  threw out a proposal – which called for peace with Israel within a year, and an end to the occupation by 2017 – fell one yes vote short of the minimum nine required in the 15-member Council. Five countries abstained, and two – the US and Australia – voted no.

Only two questions here…..first why did they put the proposal forward and two why was it defeated.

Here is one of the most informative articles I have read on the subject….. HERE

The first issue is the stance of major countries. They see so many deaths and are happy for those deaths to go on…but why?

The USA says if you vote for it we will veto it, and that’s where it dies…….. Is that what the power of veto is about?

The UN have already accused Israel of atrocities which the rest of us do nothing about and therefore condoning the actions of Israel. Take a look at just one of so many checkpoints…………………….

The world saved the Israel nation from the likes of being treated like animals, and yet they treat others exactly the way they were treated, and where is our shame.

If you have none……. you are no better than them……..


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