Today’s attack on the offices of Hebdo and murdered the head cartoonist and four others with newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Stephane Charbonnier.

This particular newspaper has continually been insulting the Prophet Mohamed over the last six years or so. They have enjoyed extremely good sales when their publications have a front page cartoon on Islam……

Their building has been burned out once, and several of the staff has been under police guard because of threats.

Not being a follower of Islam myself I do however tread very carefully when points that are emotional and close to the heart are concerned. In particular I respect peoples religions, and am always aware of how deep faiths are instilled in some people, consequently religion as a general topic for me and others just are taboo unless in the most general terms.

On this site you can find several topics of faiths in general, and all have a certain respect and reverence toward its icons and heads. There is not a satirical piece anywhere, and there is not likely to be.

Today many people have lamented about freedom of speech being violated by today’s massacre. I would question whether the rights of Muslims have also been violated by producing their most revered icon as a cartoon? Would we depict Jesus as a cartoon on a front page of a magazine for instance.

I would never condone these murders, but, why would we think its OK for us to use a leader of a religion as a cartoon on a magazine…… when Islam is concerned?

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