Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid his respects

I always find even the look of this man as being offensive. The deaths of those at the Deli in France this last week is sad…. very sad. Extremist murderers taking their lives. Bibi was asked not to come to France, and yet he came.

No doubt threatening the French Government with hell and damnation if he was not allowed to attend, most likely that there were Jewish deaths and he therefore had a right to be there.

Bibi pays his condolences while every day that a war with Palestinians costs lives at a ratio of about 120 to 1 Israeli. Where the UN has condemned Israel for war crimes and where the West remains ominously silent to regular atrocities.

Where every ‘war’ sees Israili advancement that they somehow never manage to give back. Where illegal settlements are being built every day on disputed land that the peace accord of 1967 assured all that it would never happen.

Every day Palestinians are victimized in the worse possible way that can only come from instruction from very high up. As an example of which there are many.

What does that remind you of when you look at this video. Well to me, it reminded of what must have been like for Jews living in Nazi Germany. Or perhaps the pogroms that were carried out in Great Britain in the early 1900’s or even those in the USA….. yes we all had our pogroms.

This video is only a short step away from shooting that little old woman, just for the fun of it. Can you believe that. History repeating itself with the previous victims now being the aggressors. And the West does nothing.

How contrary when you think of it, and ironic too. So many went to the gas chambers, and more shot at a moments whim, with Slavs, Russians, gipsies, and the mentally deficient, all murdered because it was convenient and logical.

Yet Bibi goes uninvited to France, to none other than invite his Israeli French nationals home where they can be safe. Where another three day war will start, and the Palestinians will give up more of their land to accommodate the returning Israelis should they take up the offer.

Bibi pays his respects that are really empty words, coming from a man that victimizes mistreats and mimics the Nazi’s….. and we stand by foolishly silent because of the power of the Israeli lobbying, and the Jewish Banks that have made their way into the halls of power.

The real shame though is the West……. we ALLOW it.


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