Teacher, 35, cries as she pleads not guilty to having sex with three of her teenage students – including one while she was out on bail

Some people really know how to push buttons

Brianne Altice became emotional as she entered the courtroom in Farmington, Utah on Thursday afternoon. Says The Mail on Line..

Upset: The former high school English teacher faces life behind bars if she is convicted of the 14 felonies

This teacher of all things is accused of having sex with her pupils…. three of them under 18…….. The former high school English teacher has been charged with 14 felonies, including rape, sodomy and sex abuse, stemming from the sexual relationships she allegedly had with the three teenagers….. and yes she does look emotional…… biting her lip and having all the appearance of being worried…. but is she?

If I go to court I usually get in a whistle and Flute…… its respect… not so much to the judge, but to the system I believe in that even with its faults….. its the best we are gonna get…….

Another reason for getting properly dressed is that I want that guy up there with the silly looking hat on to believe I am credible…. True he should not judge by my clothes…. but he does… we all do.

This little lady has dressed the part…… she could have worn her own clothes when she came before the judge to plead for bail. She had been locked up again for screwing an underage guy …… and get this ….she did it while on bail for screwing THREE underage pupils of hers……. Personally I would not dare to ask.

So this week Friday 23 Jan she came dressed for the part biting on her lip looking worried, only to have her new application for bail turned down by the judge, so leaving her in prison for the foreseeable future…….

You may be thinking that the judge might have been a little harsh….. but this is what she wore to the first arraignment just ON WEEK ago.

Former Utah school teacher Brianne Altice (right), who's accused of having sex with three underage students, appeared in court Thursday for a preliminary hearing concerning allegations she had sex with one of the original victims after 

She dressed in a black-and-white striped jail jumpsuit this week – a stark contrast to that tight black pencil skirt, red shirt and sky-high heels she wore to her preliminary hearing last week.

Now I ask you. If you are coming before a judge for what is a felonious sexual battery charge against a minor, and you dress to kill as if she you are movie star, then only one of two things you can expect to happen. The first is that the judge will be swayed by your good looks obvious sexuality,  or he will throw you back in prison to rot until you learn to know better with an absolutely damning statement considering the crime you have been charged with, then mock the court by getting laid by one of these boys while out on bail.

Your last ditch attempt to hood wink the judge was too little two late…… now he KNOWS your guilty as hell…….. don’t these teachers know anything at all?


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