I wont…. whatever happens!

An interesting announcement came from the fashion designer Sophie Theallet. The woman obviously thought her expertise sufficiently sought after enough to decline dressing the Trump ladies. She has not been asked so I guess she pr-empted the request. (here)

What strikes me is that this lady makes the case for many reasons she does not wish to dress the Trump family. Her reasons I am sure are made of the best intentions, and, her list seems to show a certain conviction.

Here is another lady who also said a similar thing in principle.

A same-sex couple says they were saddened last week when a Longview bakery refused to bake their wedding cake, and the business owner said it would have offended her faith for the business to be linked to the event. (Full story)

Can ANYONE tell me the difference between the two?

She was ordered to $135 thousand dollars

Here is another Lady who had a similar principle.


The Kentucky clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples is seeking to close the book on a contentious case that made her a pariah to progressives and a hero to some religious conservatives.


She was brought before the courts and threatened with jail.

Both cases have an objection they wish to make, but what is the difference with a fashion designer that wishes to discriminate on political Grounds and others that wish to discriminate on moral grounds?

If I were refused service on any grounds by a business, I don’t think I would argue.

It is actually something I cherish, being able to chose who my customer is the only way I would work. I don’t think being Gay is enough to stop me working for you, but I don’t go to church a couple of times a week, and, my whole life does not revolve around God.

Perhaps a child molester, or a particularly violent person, a bad parent, or someone who has murdered would get the same result from me. I don’t care if he has paid his price to society or has now been touched by the virgin marry… the answer would be no!

The other point is I am not a left wing Liberal who is preaching for those that she believes are being victimized by the system.

In both cases the couples seem to have been testing the system, not legitimate couples in the vicinity wanting their marriage license or cake…. they were there as a protest.

Perhaps as there are many ways to discourage someone wanting to use your services and even more to make sure they don’t come back, but in both of these cases these two ladies did not seek out the clients, instead the clients sought them, and would not take no as an answer!

But to me…if it is Ok for a cake-maker and registrar…. its ok for fashion designer full of her own self importance.




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