Fake News?

Today we have, yet again disgruntled Politicians bemoaning so called Fake News.
Angela Merkel has vowed to regulate ‘fake news’ after blaming social media for the rise of populist politics and ‘making it harder to form people’s opinions than it was 25 years ago. (here)

Just a couple of days ago Obama said this:
President Barack Obama weighed in on the growing debate over fake news, warning that it could poison politics to the point that “we won’t know what we’re fighting for.” (here)

Of course you do have news that may be deemed as fake, but in most cases its pretty obvious whats fake:
A former Canadian defense minister has claimed that aliens are real and has accused world leaders of keeping their presence on Earth, a secret. (Here)

But in the case of Politics just how prevalent is fake news and is it relevant? Or perhaps there is a little more of a sinister angle on this?
In the case of the Trump election, there were many complaints (but only coming after the voting) that there was fake news out there. But both parties pollsters have already said that most of the voters had already made up their minds many months ago. So probably had little or no effect on voting.
There is however a more underlying angle that is apparent. For instance just who would say a piece is fake. What would be the guideline to assess its position?

It is all too convenient for politicians to want to control the public in general by restricting comments they do not like.
Would they take it further by restricting newspaper publications they deem to be false and where is the line between reporting and fake?….. It sound like a whole mass of censorship is on its way if left to politicians.


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