Transgender Inequalities

Always a sensitive point about transgender issues, but being brought up in a world where things were easily distinguishable with two groups and all the others in a closet somewhere, it was somewhat easier. Not for the transsexuals you might say, because they only saw the inside of the closet.

Today there is sympathy for recognizing all people and all sexuality, But is it possible to get the balance right? after all who is to say who is one gender or the next?

Democrats recently picked a transgender person to speak at their convention as they are always keen to show inclusion in all aspects of life (helps with the votes too)

This week in Philadelphia, a male-to-female transgender will speak at the Democratic National Convention. The Hill reports that Sarah McBride, the national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, will address DNC goers, making history as the first openly trans individual to speak at a major political party’s convention. (here)

Not a problem at all. The democrat left leaning want all people included and so they should be. However this is not a practical application of relaxed gender rules that are being forced on communities.

Some communities are having a difficult time being torn between our new social rights charters and the actual workings when it comes down to practicalities.

Bathrooms being open to all sexes and genders has been in force in France for years and today you still go into bathrooms where you might meet the opposite sex.

The Obama directive telling you that you MUST allow it has caused eyebrows to be raised at the very least.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is planning to issue a sweeping directive telling every public school district in the country to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity.see Here

All well and good for everyone, except in an age where there are more and more predators, and a good amount of them are teachers, it would appear to be foolish to me to allow say, a ten year old girl, and a forty five year old teacher that has sexual tendencies towards pedophilia, to be brought together in the same bathroom.

I do not see that from a practical perspective that things work out well. In sport for instance there have been many cases of athletes outperforming their associative gender by a long way. We have see it as high up as the Olympics, but is also prevalent at local levels.

In case you missed it, boys are now allowed to compete against girls in female sports in the name of equality. Seems fair, right?

One mother, who has personal experience with such faux equality, is crying foul. Jennifer VanPelt’s high school freshman daughter was bumped off Alaska’s track and field female state finals’ podium for a boy—and she’s furious. see here

It does not stop there as one guy has competed in a woman’s bicycle race and has hammered the field as you might expect.

Last weekend, a 36-year-old man raced in a massive annual Tucson cycling competition against thousands of women, and–shocker–he won big time. According to the Arizona Star Daily, the biological male raced the 106-mile route in 4 hours and 36 minutes, a winning time for the women’s division, though a whopping 25 minutes longer than the men’s first-place finisher. (here)

What this actually does is make sure of the death knoll for woman’s competitive sports, because more and more guys that exercise their right to compete mean that women (who have no confusion of which sex they are) fall lower and lower in the rankings.

Ultimately they will simply stop competing because the rule is tantamount to making sure they never win. If we were to say all genders should compete as one where, transgender, male, and female all compete in the same race the stronger male would win every race.

We do not do that because there are some very obvious reasons why it is not practical, or fair. So why do we accept it on a local level? Its not accepted at the Olympics , and that is why gender tests are carried out and defined by DNA.

If a transgender competitor wants to compete surely he should compete in the event that most associates with their DNA rather than his mental association. This of course should be across the board.

Me? I have little sympathy with those that wish to compete physically against the opposite sex based on gender association. You do not see women competing as men in this huge conundrum….why? …..Well… we all KNOW why!

What is fact is that regardless of which gender you most closely identify, DNA dictates what you ARE.

I am a very firm believer in nature.It decides when your born, and it decides when you die and almost all things in between. I cannot push the tides back because I mostly associate with the desert (ridiculous as it may sound) or making the sky a pretty pink instead of blue!

And where does it stop? Could you for instance drive on the opposite side of the road in a different country, because that’s what you feel and its what you more closely associate with?

Perhaps I could associate with being a completely different being… a dog or cat perhaps because that is what I believe I am associated with? The mind boggles once we decide to dictate to the world what nature supposedly made a mistake on.

It seems to me that those who wish to alleviate problems for those that are confused where they stand on the DNA ranking, only create some very serious and real problems for those that know exactly where they are on the DNA ranks.

A bit like going into a madhouse and declaring everyone sane that resides there because we say so! on the single premise that….. who is to say just WHO is mad!





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