If Only?

With the new President Elect moving forward to establish himself with the choosing of his new staff, there are many ominous warnings ……on the horizon.

Google and Facebook announced their way of addressing the issue of false news, which they concede, is becoming more prevalent. (Here). This however is part of a larger article that is being covered by the Washington Post. The idea being that because some fake news is abound, ….. then it (according to them) must be rife.

The Washington Post (again) accuses many publications of assisting the fake news that is on the web. In addition it claims that many of these publications actively assisted the election of Trump. (Here) What is so much worse is that the Post does this without a single shred of evidence, making the wild claims (it appears) to suit their benefactor (Soros?)

What is a real concern is that any effort to curb this phenomena will lead to censorship!

Passive resistance has for many years proved itself to be an excellent means of putting your point across. From MLK protests to the Tiananmen Square protests, John Lennon, and Vietnam, all quiet rightly believing, that the violence they were protesting, can only be countered by peaceful protest. But sitting down to passively obstruct has long been forgotten.

To this end almost all protests are accompanied by their own videographers that  are in an instance at the scene of any confrontation at all, which is good for a police brutality claim.

Passive protest can also be seen in this clip where Ben Shapiro (who is an incredibly smart guy) is very patient with protesters that by virtue of their universities position to allow peaceful protest, which is very effective in their aim which is to silence the opposing view to theirs.

Ben is very good at shutting down many people with FACTS, but only when he could get a word in edgeways. But this so called passive protest only succeeds in drowning out the others point of view, which is of course the aim of most passive protests. Its not dialogue! its not fact, its tyranny!

The Presidential Election also saw polls that for whatever reason, did not produce the intended results. Only to find in the subsequent autopsy that many voters (Democrats included) simply did not tell the pollsters who they were really going to vote for because of the physical backlash. (Hence the pr-empted celebratory fireworks were hastily cancelled)

That backlash came in the very real violence that manifested itself in the worst possible way from so called ‘Passive protest’

Today we see much of the same thing but for slightly different reasons, in that they do not want to give authorities an excuse to go to the next level of physical counter resistance. But the omission of violence part has been forgotten.

Protests are now therefore at the level of a designed art. Bus leaders in, agitate the mob, push to the point of making law enforcement break, then film the mayhem. When the looting and the fires start simply blame an alternative group and dissociate yourselves from them.

But more significantly…its the left that creates the violence, the ones who swear by passive means and who we have seen the very worse of…. NOT the Right!

In addition when and if you lose ……simply contest (in the same above fashion) until you either you get a recount, or cause so much damage (financially as well as physically) that those in authority shall not forget the power of your demonstrations.

Hillary Clinton said this when Donald Trump said that he will consider whether to respect the outcome of the election.

Today Hillary joins with Jill Stein to overthrow the system and would probably do it were it not for the fact the Republicans control the house, and it is to them who make the final decision. But overthrowing the system is the aim. To win at any cost., but it is not American!

For some looking in, there appears to be a more wide ranging issue afoot that has little to do with fake news, reds in the beds, or who won the election, but a more ominous role that has even wider ranging implications. Rule of force!

Its that win at any cost mentality of the youth that support every possible dysfunctional cause from gays to abortion, from black to white, legitimizing drug pushers to being classed on how they identify themselves. BUT WIN!

Berni Sanders talked about revolution many times. Not winning the election…… but a revolution that encompasses everyone with the monies drained from the rich and redistributed to the poor. Increasing the welfare state, paying for University tuition, free healthcare,  free handouts, free, free …FREE everything.

On face value a benevolent society is in so many respects a good society. It was once said that if your not a socialist by the time your 20 you have no heart, and if not a capitalist by the time your 30…… you have no brain.

The trouble with this whole scenario is the pure ignorance of the demonstrating youth in respect of the things they are demonstrating, and the rhetoric of what they have been taught, stifling thought and discussion and drowning out any sort of reasoning.

Question any demonstrator as to the actual reasons for their protest and most retort to what they have been told by someone else instead of actually finding the truth themselves. They have no logical proof of their aims.

What the left wing youth that seem to miss is that for every cent given in benevolence has to be earned. They believe that somehow this redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor is an infinite cash cow…… that solves their every concern.

What they never consider and never will, is that investment is the backbone of a society. If there is no cash to invest, then no money can be made, and we wonder after all the wealth has been distributed to the poor….just where will this investment come from?

What they prefer is violence, censorship of argument, calculated protests for maximum impact, and revolution as the battle cry! and at ANY cost! And of course the infinite cash cow that can pay for their whims forever.

And that ominous scenario is really something to be concerned about! Reality is a lost cause!


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