Election Fraud?

So the recount gets underway with Jill Stein and her green party trying to DE-ligitimize a voting result, which she is entitled do do no matter that all and sundry believe it a waste of time.

Apart from the fact that tensions are already high, this event is a prevaricator of more mayhem. To most a needless distraction, and to some a cause to die for.

What we have, are machines controlled by Democrats (supposedly hacked by Russians) running on software created by government, not connected to the internet, and a President assuring any that want to vote will not be arrested, whether they are legal or not.

What could possibly go wrong?

Here we have a Green election manager that does not have one single viable reason why this should occur, or why that voting did not show the correct predicted results.

Heck ,there were only a couple of polls in the country that were analyzing correctly, and every other result in the country did not produce predicted results when compared to voting.

Like so many predictions……. you have to read them correctly to obtain the correct results, and almost every major poll service in the country went conveniently blind at the appropriate time.


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