Winning Bigly!

Trump Says Ford called to Say It’s Keeping SUV Plant in Kentucky, Carrier called to say They wont be closing the factory in Indianapolis.

Whomever you are, you have to agree Trump does it a different way to the failed ideals and ideas of ALL other Presidents.

My own view is that its a great idea for a successful businessman to run the country. After all, most countries are no less than a business, and the USA is a huge Trillion dollar business that needs a billionaires view at looking at things.

We in general (to most countries) have a capitalistic view of production, and a liberal view of distribution. In a peculiar way roles of the “lumpen proletariat” that continually add to the weight or burden of the working man.


The Marxist Internet Archive writes that “[lumpenproletariat] identifies the class of outcast, degenerated and submerged elements that make up a section of the population of industrial centers” which include “beggars, prostitutes, gangsters, racketeers, swindlers, petty criminals, tramps, chronic unemployed or unemployables, persons who have been cast out by industry, and all sorts of declassed, degraded or degenerated elements.

What is not accounted for on this pyramid is academics, social warriors, politicians in waiting etc. They all are taken on the shoulders of the working man! If you are not productive you are a liability!

The ONLY ones that are productive are those on the bottom tier. These are the ones that actually hold up the system, they are the foundation and without those the pyramid WILL collapse!

This of course is an visual depiction of the system. Your view of it may be different to what you see, but it cannot be argued (reasonably) that this is not truth! True it is a very simplistic view, but that does not change the fundamentals of the only way it works!

The production workers are now, today, in the minority to those are dependent on them. They are getting crushed by those on their shoulders. There are less people working than those that eat off them….. on that tier above.

Those on that tier above may well try to make you think they are productive but its a con. In order to keep those working placated they provide the illusion they too are workers!

Think of Obama (or ANY other politician) rolling up his sleeves when addressing  a crowd to give the impression he is a worker… to the guys that actually work. You have heard it before “The boss is coming ….look busy”

They have to tell you they are working! With Trump there is no need for the cosmetic visual…. we can actually SEE what he is doing!

Trump, to me gets the idea. He flatters before he beats, and this can be seen in his campaign. Until you insult him, he is charming, and then he retaliates, but he will prevail one way or the other.

A sort of a hooker really…..when the client asks what she will do….. the answer is always the same “ANYTHING you want honey!

He works to get you on his side by reasoning first. Kind of like Dave in the film “Dave” about a comedian come social warrior who tries to employ out of work people who has an added advantage that he also looks like the President of the US.

Doubling for the President helps out when the President has a heart attack, and in this short period Dave has the power of the president and uses it to do good.

Dave co-coerces the businessman to employ more of his out of work people that really need some sort of work to be productive………..and continues in his temporary role as President!

But all businessmen cannot employ unless they have work and in turn can give work.

Trump sees this,  and knows how to build on it. If the working man is not working…. the pyramid falls. Conversely if you bolster up the lower tier with more production the whole foundation becomes stronger. The COUNTRY becomes stronger!

But Trump also knows that all have to have a piece of the cake in order to keep the wheels grinding. If an investor, (that 1% you hear of so many times that is already paying 50% of his profit in tax) cannot make money here,  he takes his money where he can make money, (perhaps Mexico for instance)

Its Trumps job to persuade him otherwise! To do that its necessary to assist (flatter?) before he beats. It is necessary to pick up the phone and talk about where the common ground is, and is what no other President has done before.

If that gentle persuasion does not work, then beating is next, hence the threat of taxes on companies that used to produce in the USA when they return their goods made elsewhere and sold in the USA.

The cash cow cannot produce milk unless it is getting fed…… no amount of intellectual academic reasoning and justification of economics and social inequalities can change that!

This is what liberals don’t actually see or understand. They believe that the cash cow can simply have another udder attached to it to drain it even further ultimately hemorrhaging the cow. Dress it any way you want……… the outcome is inevitable!

So its time to give Trump some credit. He has not yet occupied his formal position and already he is working to shore up the system, block that hemorrhage, and feed the cash cow.

The President Elect is Winning Bigly already!



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