Are Politicians too extreme?

Here is one of so many examples of Pundits getting it so badly wrong.

Donald Trump has confounded so many that supposedly know about politics.

Polls coming out of your ears, and Hollywood liberal leftists having to backtrack on on their promises to emigrate, and even Obama ridiculed Trump as to whether he would even get near to the Presidency.

Whats interesting is that everything they threw at Trump……… he seemed to take advantage of.

I would offer that these are run of the mill political ideals are so far from reality and those that promote those ideas, have no idea what the voter really wants.

Both the UK with Brexit and the USA with Trump have had a drastic and (to them) unpredictable  resounding no from their voters.

But what does the future hold for our new breed of politicians?

Firstly their breed of politics may actually be dead and they simply do not know it yet.

Their supporters are those that have seen so little hardship, have utilized Facebook and Twitter to rally their minority that care so much about social issues and take their unsupported mandate to ever higher levels.

If your not campaigning against something..anything you are not considered to be ‘real’ among your peers. If you cannot be ‘active’ you are not deemed to be ‘inclusive’

Real argument does not matter. If there is no argument they will create one. Take this next little snippet that conveniently makes us all demons…… if you have ONE basic characteristic.


You just have to be in the majority ANYTHING and therefore are biased toward the minority…….. Go figure…..

It would seem that millennials without a cause are nothing. if you dont have a cause….. go out and create one…

Secondly and perhaps more importantly is while some are demonstrating, others are working on the problem.

Without even been inaugurated, Trump is getting off his butt and making jobs. Big companies seeing their bottom line, (and in turn their bonuses) are going to dwindle are now coming to his way of thinking and wanting to be part of this new era.

This is what is going to ensure Trumps success his 2nd term in office and his daughter becoming the first female President of the USA.

It seems that the millennials will need another cause to fight for because they will have ever more dwindling support for their case against Trump.

It hard to flunk a success story!


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