Fake News

As Hillary is taken to book by her sponsors who quite rightly ask….”What went wrong” and considering they put in upwards of one BILLION dollars into the farce that occurred around four weeks ago, perhaps they most of all, have THAT right to ask.

It seems all and sundry are getting on the Band Wagon with the latest on the emails that were leaked by John Podesta, (accidentally) on bad advice of his IT guy.

It now is apparent to many Democrats the Russians were the bad guys that (depending on which stories you read) were in cahoots with Julian Assange of Wikileaks, or perhaps the Russians directly hacked because of a you kid in Russia that was testing the system to see how far it would go, and of course there is….. so many options….. and all to cover the tracks of actually giving the truth to the people.

This TRUTH is totally disregarded and like the messenger that brought the news of Lucculus coming for war…… Tigranes had his head cut off, the democrats refuse to believe the information was the cause of the astounding loss of the Democrats, not some obscure leak from the Russians, but their own foolishness.

Now anyone that actually took the time to watch all of the election news could see the chronic bias at every turn. Most people took to calling CNN the Clinton News Network, because they resolutely refused to print anything bad.

The Washington Post to the NY Times…. were all instrumental in this charade.

The President has for the last couple of days given in to the nonsense of hacking and not even HE can provide a tiny bit of evidence to prove that case. In fact he has been challenged by Putin to produce some evidence or shut up about the issue.

Although farcical in its suggestions, many have used this excuse for the huge loss that was visited to the Democrats, and wail about the need to do something about it.

Zuckerberg has been the first to actually say he is making adjustments to Facebook, by adding in fact checkers to monitor these fake news messages that cost Hillary the election. It seems that HIS fact checkers are to be Snopes and ABC and well, well, well, who were both firing off false news and suppressing negative Hillary news throughout the election.

So we have fact checkers from organizations that claim to be non partisan and I guess have changed their spots.

I believe that Zuckeberg (who already had his space reserved in the Democratic party anticipating the win) has aspirations of politics. To put more of the same liberal nonsense that we have been hearing about so much over the last year, to us because the guy actually believes the nonsense that he preachers.

My own view is that Facebook WILL collapse about as fast as it was created. What they intend doing is being the judge and jury for propaganda and effectively will censor what all write.

The really scary thing is slowly and surely your rights….OUR rights are getting eaten away by some that think they know better.

Listen to this nonsensical argument………….

And when these misstatements are not enough to tell you that there is fake news out there Tucker is on the front line pushing back…………..

Here we see the gall to decide who the elector can vote for on the basis they know better than the voter.

But the founding fathers did not make a stipulation of acumen for holding public office…only that they be chosen BY the PEOPLE.





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