Accidental War

The most recent rantings of the outgoing President Obama with his forcing a good amount of Russians out of the country Here is a petty skirmish that up to now Putin has not responded to, making him look like the hero, and Obama childish.

Considering that for the last couple of days the talk has been of the so called attacks on the US Power grid by Russians which they are supposed to have been hacked and has been the center of an article in Info Wars here

The good old warrior that should know better is John McCain who says “There has to be a price to pay” Here  This man who, actually was tortured and perhaps, has a clear insight as to war and its repercussions all the more questionable.

We should treat with care accusing other governments of doing anything at all. In yesteryear because the honesty and integrity were primary values together with loss of face locally such antics would have led to war.

Today what do the Russians have to say? They laugh it off as an addendum to all the nonsense of the Hillary / Trump election ‘Non News’ and most of it Fake!

There have been so many reactions, (and many violent) to fake news that the lesser informed believe, and worse still….act on.

Here for example:-

This fake news is still believed today, Brown to Trayvon Martin in order to put people that have committed no crime other than being white, on the defensive.

The trouble is of course that on a local scale its bad, but on the global scale when involving other countries it is so much worse.

But could it lead to war? well if you consider for instance the US war of Independence by all counts was started by a mistaken shot as the British soldiers came upon Lexington, it seems that such an act could occur again if the social media promote a false stance.

Practically any infraction is taken up by the bloggers who make money off such sensationalist news. Who’s sole purpose is not to verify news, but merely to exploit it.

When its comes to other countries that have a similar amount of fire power as you, it may be wise for Obama not to do the ritualistic sign of chest beating, because most have evolved past that by a long way.


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