Poetic justice?

New Jersey college professor fired in wake of heated Fox News interview where she made racially insensitive comments

I watched not believing what I was hearing when my favorite talk show host Tucker Carlson had a really offensive woman by the name of Durden on his show.
This guy has a unique knack for calling people out using my favorite tactic, which is THEIR own argument to defeat themselves.
On the other hand I could be biased…. see what YOU think? Here

Durden, who is black, discussed a Memorial Day event held exclusively for black people hosted by a Black Lives Matter group in New York.

When Carlson asked her her thoughts, Durden interrupted the host, saying: ‘Boo hoo hoo. You white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card’ to attend the event.’

This woman is (so they say) a college professor, her field is Essex County College adjunct communications, and it seems she has communicated very well. So much so that they have fired her for what her and the likes of Black Lives Matter have been getting so many others fired for. Specifically for this interview.

Durden said the school ‘publicly lynched’ her. The school on Friday said ‘racism cannot be fought with more racism.’

Again we see the victim tactic, when if the situation had been reversed and any white person had something even remotely similar would have been Physically lynched.

My own view is that this shows a MAJOR shift in the position of Universities, who (before the election of Trump) would not have dared in a million years to get rid of this crazy women that teaches kids…… It would have upset the liberal white BLM ……snowflakes too.

“Carlson called her comments during the roughly six-minute interview ‘hostile, separatist and crazy.”  Which just about sums up the whole truth.

Political agendas have entered our teaching spaces where more and more irrational views are forced on children and they are blackmailed into agreeing based on the scores they will receive from people such as this.
The agenda is not teaching but rather brainwashing to achieve their political ends.
I could not have explained it better than this :- Here
I have no white privilege, and if you think you have, the chances are you were taught by Durden or someone very similar. \
You do however have to forgive me for relishing this moment that is long, so very long overdue! Your FIRED!

One thought on “Poetic justice?

  1. If we want to be fair, we should call out and disband all segregated groups, whether or not the segregation is based on color, race, gender, religion, age, sexual preference or what have. Our delusions and illusions continue to be paraded under the disguise of “breaking news”, “fake news” , “alternative facts”, etc.. We can no longer stand up for what is the right thing to do & we continue to pick on and marginalize the voiceless, who when they aggregate their efforts and become a voice worth hearing are further marginalized with BS interviews and assinine questions such as the one TC asked his guest. An assinine answer is given and then we put hot oil on the wound by gloating on the fact that this person got “fired” from her job. What goes around comes around and maybe, just maybe, full integration would occur if all elected officials were “fired” as you brag about. Yes, i pick on elected officials, because they have the power of the pen to write laws and are still writing with a crooked pen and speaking with forked tongues. We are totally deluded and with all the human made issues that keep occurring over & over, we still fail to recognize our immense shortcomings. Maybe, just maybe, if our forefathers had foresight enough to know that the children of slaves, would eventually be “freed” & enjoy the priviledges of citizenship, then they would have thought twice about perpetuating this atrocious legacy they left for generation after generation. Despite all of that, we can and must do better. Starting like immediately. That, in my humble opinion, would be the right thing to do.

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