I have one wife… Susan, and two children, Stuart and Victoria, love dogs and people. I have had the advantage of seeing many countries and seeing many people and can vouch that they are all your average everyday Mr & Mrs Jones……. that wish to go on with their lives doing the things that people go on with.

I see the world in two perspectives… ordinary people ….. and the system…. I suppose I have a socialistic attitude mixed with liberal helpings of capitalistic achievements that dictate your goals in life. I am anti authoritarian and dearly wish people would be allowed to do what they wish. For their part I would wish they do the right thing, not the popular thing but the right thing.

The World according to Dave Is really a bunch of ramblings that take my fancy. I have no political affiliations, no theologian ambition, no aspirations of changing a world that has lost track of its future. It will ultimately change itself.

Some people would accuse me of being a right winger I would guess, as, interference by the state to an individual that is going about his business seems alien to me, and restrictions of an individual by the state  I do not agree with. My own view is that of individual logic, and not of political affiliation.

I am passionate about the things I enjoy and the right of a man to choose his destiny. I believe that the system has chained us to the rules that are made for the few and not the masses, with governments caught up in their own rhetoric and abysmal legacies.

I reject those that are non productive in the real sense, being for instance bankers, and politicians, activists, lobbyists and lawyers……… all of which the world could function without if they were not here.

You at times may not like what I say, or even the way that I say it, and I may even be wrong, but if we don’t make our voice heard we have no cause for complaint.


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