Turn Coat America

Bill Cosby

In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon Saturday, the comedian was asked to reflect on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and to comment on the future of black leadership in the United States.

He stated what he believes to be answers to aspects of black issues in America, and consequently has been heavily criticized. Bill emphasized education and family values.

Men need to step up to the plate he says………. the comments are never taken well by some, but not quite as badly as the host of the show.

Lemon’s interview with Cosby is the latest in a string of controversial segments in which the CNN anchor — who has been called a “turn coat” for his views — has discussed issues within the black community. Earlier this year, Lemon came under fire after he rolled out his five-point plan to fix the black community. The plan includes finishing school and not having children out of wedlock.

Generally in the US people are forced to take sides, none more so than the black community. Your either with us body and soul, or your against us, as if there was a war of monumental proportions being waged where there are only two options, and no possible Grey area in between. Regardless of what the ‘Three Good Reverends ‘ say you have to be black to do it. Unless of course you are so advantageous to the NAACP that your color can be over looked as in Ben Cruidbos or even even Barack Obama being (as blacks say) two of coffee and one of cream, but not really black.

One extreme example was of George Zimmerman who rocked to the top of the NAACP most wanted list, and, even being found not guilty, does not stop the onslaught. Yet George did some things for blacks, a black in particular, that was so benevolent.

Sanford Florida case of a black homeless man named Sherman Ware.

Ware was beaten by 21-year-old Justin Collison, outside a local Sanford Bar on December 4th, 2010.

(Daily Caller) Every Sunday, Zimmerman would stroll through Sanford’s black neighborhoods handing out the fliers demanding justice for Sherman Ware, and calling for the police to hold their own officials accountable. Zimmerman would also place the fliers on people’s cars outside churches.

“I challenge you to stand together and to have our voices heard, and to hold accountable all of those officers, and officials whom let this atrocious attack pass unpunished until the media revealed it,” one of the fliers reads in part. “This animal could have attacked anyone of us, our children or loved ones in his alcohol fueled rage.” (more)

After the Trayvon Martin shooting, when the institutional media was screaming racism, many voices within the Sanford community knew that Zimmerman was active in the case to help Sherman Ware find justice. This did not reconcile with screams of racist intent.

Most all of the Black community in Sandford are well aware of this event and yet…… they hunt Zimmerman like a wild animal. He has become a poster boy for imagined violence of white on black that are simply not reflected in the facts if you chose to look.

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The accusations against Lemon mirror those of Bill O’Reilly, Alan West  or even Cosby, and charged as ‘turncoats’ and yet, they advocate for children to have a stable upbring, education, and the father at home. Could it be that some minority groups would receive a less than enthusiastic welcome, if they too profess for positive things, as many of their members do not have the correct credentials for the stable family life until they are late on in years.

So the easiest thing is to simply label them turncoats, as, like some religious sect that demands total obedience, total and absolute control, and the place for dissidents is as far away from them as possible.

The power hungry minorities that will let NOTHING get in their way, and are not afraid if there are casualties along the way. The voices of reasoning of MLK or JFK are lost in the rhetoric and are only used at conventions to prop up their one sided ineffectual presence.

And Turncoats? you are a turncoat if you dont live up to your responsibilities, you are a turncoat if you dont inspire rather than criticize, and you are a turncoat if you dont live reality of what is around you, and plain to see.

The critics of the likes Lemon, Bill O’Reilly, Alan West  or even Cosby do not understand the difference between their own personal gain with the hypocrisy of their rhetoric that goes with it.

Sometimes the obvious truth that cannot be legitimately be argued can be put down in two words……… TURN COAT!