Non Interventionalist

I have been a great admire of Ron Paul, and his very straight forward logistical approach to America’s problems, particularly on issues of the monetary system, and also his perspective on war.
He describes himself as a non interventionist. I would describe him as more….. a breath of fresh air in a very difficult world, and one who has a better insight to world problems than most. During the election campaign he was asked one of the rudest questions ever, and even mediators on a public forum such as this and should know better.

Ron is not only anti war, he is anti interference and meddling in other countries issues.In this video on 14th June 2013 Ron Paul correctly identifies the main issues that became apparent early in September.

Ron Paul is a very knowledgeable patriot with the goal of saving America from a sad fate of leaving the running of the country to its own politicians that have a different agenda than what they publicly profess. This came for me is Ron’s presidential debates where he answered more questions knowledgeably than practically all the alternatives except Hillary Clinton.

One of the first Presidential debates saw the mettle of the original Obama when faced with other politicians on the stage, and I remember with this one single answer I believed him to be the man who could change our thinking

But somehow Obama lost his way, and today seems uncertain about the correct way forward as a battle torn warrior that simply does not know where the best alternative lies and makes the mistake of actually putting down a red line, instead of making it a variable.

I didn’t set a red line is the double speak of the Obama today. The cause now becomes the issue of the worlds red line, yet NATO will not act, its a world red line even though the British have made their opposition known, and it becomes a world red line even though the UN is demanding proof.

The rhetoric, that once I would not believed possible, seems to say that there is a legitimate way of killing people, and the non legitimate way is Sarin, only because it is one of the few ways you actually get to see the trauma up close and in your face, whilst carefully sidestepping issues of depleted uranium, or indiscriminate drone strikes.

The victim of aggression is not really concerned about how he died. Sarin or depleted uranium……… is really academic…..

John Lennon