Ken Norton dies age 70

Ken Norton has to be one of my most favorite fighters. I watched every fight he had, and being a supporter of boxing for so many years, watched his first world class fight with the other great Muhammad Ali over and over again.

There is a certain nostalgia when I think of these real warriors of the ring. the type of fighter that had manners and charisma, seem to have long gone, but that legacy that each of the greats will leave will be legendary!

LAS VEGAS — He was the second man to beat Muhammad Ali, breaking Ali’s jaw and sending him to the hospital in their 1973 heavyweight fight.

Ken Norton frustrated Ali three times in all, including their final bout at Yankee Stadium where he was sure he had beaten him once again.

Norton, who died Wednesday at the age of 70, lost that fight for the heavyweight title. But he was forever linked to Ali for the 39 rounds they fought over three fights, with very little separating one man from the other in the ring.


These days I am not too hot on boxing. The damage is so extreme of the long term, the deaths, brain damage, maybe its time for it to stop.

Rest well George… peace at last.


Floyd Mayweather: Canelo Alvarez

Tonight sees the Floyd Mayweather, Canelo Alvarez fight with the biggest boxing purse in history……. 41.5 Million for putting his unbeaten 44 wins on the line…..

Floyd Mayweather, left, puts his unblemished 44-0 record on the line when he fights Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas will host the bout and Floyd Mayweather will give the younger win hungry Canelo Alvarez an opportunity to unseat him.