Retrial for Marissa Alexander



Now personally I saw no reason to try her again, and the judicial system came under a lot of pressure from the NAACP and of course there was a huge public outcry from African Americans on the issue.

On the other hand, today she is free, well as free as you can be with an ankle bracelet and house arrest for the next two years.

The sad thing is the prosecutors recognized that she did not need to be in for twenty years… and that’s why the offered a plea, which incidentally had she taken she would have been out two years ago……….

I have no doubt that her lawyer would have told her that if she goes to trial on this occasion and pleads not guilty she WILL serve that 20 yrs behind bars, simply because its the law.

When your a black woman with some serious attitude, that would not learn the first time, its a sad lesson to learn about the system…… in this case, plead not guilty and there is absolutely nothing that could have been done for her.

I have to warn the woman…. the system is very unforgiving to those it has given a second chance, but I cannot help feeling with this proud black woman that it would take little effort for her to react….. we shall see…….


Here we go again!

This case is another that I will be looking at very closely during her upcoming trial. It stinks of racism, once again. The NAACP have been fighting against her sentence since the day she got it, on the basis that she should have come under the heading of SYG, even though, there has been a nationwide campaign to abolish SYG….. go figure!

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A Florida woman serving 20 years in prison for firing a shot at her estranged husband during an argument will get a new trial, though she will not be able to invoke a “stand your ground” defense, an appeals court ruled Thursday.

The case of Marissa Alexander, a Jacksonville mother of three, has been used by critics of Florida’s “stand your ground” law and mandatory minimum sentences to argue that the state’s justice system is skewed against defendants who are black.

Marissa Alexander new trial

Once again a distorted view by the press, that have not been correctly reported by most publications.


A rather good alternate opinion from Subhash Kateel at ‘Lets talk about it’


There are a wide variety of web sites that have reported correctly with a certain reluctance from mainstream media to report the facts.