Anti-Assad Death Squads Responsible for Gas Attack

Assad’s wrongfully blamed for Ghouta’s gas attack. Evidence shows insurgents bear full responsibility. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was clear and unequivocal, saying:

“We have the most serious grounds to believe (Ghouta’s attack) was a provocation.” Assad had nothing to do with it.

“There is no answer to a number of questions we have asked, such as where the weapon was made – at an official factory or using homemade methods,” Lavrov added.

Clear evidence shows insurgents have sarin and other toxic chemicals. Pentagon contractors trained them in their handling and use.

They have surface-to-surface missiles to launch them. They have motive, opportunity and capability to do so. They’ve done it multiple times before. They’ve been caught red-handed with toxic agents.

According to Russian political analyst Sergei Markov:

“We hear this argument that the rebels are not technically or morally capable of doing such a thing, and we simply don’t accept that.”

“We’d like to see previous instances (of toxic chemicals used) properly investigated, because you will find that the rebels have used poison gas before in this conflict.”

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US and Russia agree Syria chemical weapons deal in Geneva

“Well, well,well….. politicians actually doing their political job.
This is really a bit of good news amongst all the rhetoric……. today Obama is breathing a sigh of relief, but to be honest, no thanks to him or Kerry. Putin is exploiting their foolishness, but has scored real points in this………
The red line, degrading the Soviet compromise, the vote in the house, British escape, the pandemonium caused by reckless intolerant attitude….

John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov
This should be a lesson to the Brits too…….. not to blindly follow.
All these are relevant issues, but at the end of the day, who brokered the deal…… THE PEOPLE DID!
Starting with the Brits to defeat a vote that showed real sensibility form the parliamentarians……
Then Obama putting his toe in the water with the Americans finding that it was scalding hot forced a huge amount of backpedaling, and best of all, FORCED NEGOTIATION between all sides.
The only negotiation forced by the will of the people in 50 yrs and the ONLY one that can be called a success…….. Now lets start looking at every single weapon that has an indiscriminate nature………….
Seeing you guys are actually talking now, lets look at depleted uranium, drones, atomic weapons………. its a good start!”

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Vladimir Putin Warns Against U.S. Military Intervention

This is really getting to be a comedy of errors…… my red line/world red line……boots/no boots on ground……. Brits with us/Brits gone…… world support/no one there……. let the people vote/ hold it off till the polls get better…….. Give up CW/ woops I was kidding…………. Give up CW/ I was serious……….Assad used CW/ the rebels used it sometimes…….. Its for American safety/ they can attack our allies not America……..attack so send ships/dont attack have them sunbathe a while……………..
While we are dithering about interfering in someone elses business the whole issue has become a mockery, and our concerns now lie with wether our makeup is on right, not with the crucial issue that we are talking about peoples lives.
This is a badly thought out intervention without sufficient proof or backing and poor leadership as to a sensible way forward.
One thing is absolutely certain……. an attack on Syria is not nonsensical and unrealistic.

Russia To Push Syria To Put Chemical Weapons Under International Control

What should be noted here is that Obama said he would not meet Putin at the summit and talk. It was some sort of childish thing in response to non co-operation from the Russians on Syria.
After that little snub, they kind of wandered together and talked for about 35 mins, and Angela tried to get in on the act, and then all of the representatives joined the fray.
Would it not be astounding that if, in that 35 mins Obama asked for some help and Vladimir responded …………. the result being a phone call to Assad and brokering a deal?????
What we may be seeing is a new understanding from the two most powerful governments in the world. A new co-operation that may do more than all the bombs that we have ever deployed….
I would suggest to both men, and they are indeed men…… that a 1 hour meeting every other week, and get rid of all your war advisors……… you can do it if you want!
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