I have this theory why we have prophesies…….

Take the bible…… a fairly good series of experiences delivered by this guy that no one ever really knew a lot about. Heck they did not even know a single thing about his childhood…other than he was born in a manger…..

He did not pen one single comment he was attributed with…not ONE!

A lot of speculation is all that we have…… true a guy called Jesus existed, and true he was put to death…… but that’s all….. A guy that shunned wealth and fame and one that had the good of those around him at heart.

If this was a criteria of other human beings you could find many. Monks that take vows of poverty….. Doctors that go to really dangerous places in Africa to try and save lives….. the streets of New York…Dehli…… are full of nameless people that give up wealth for others.

And with this information… you have the key ingredient…( lets call it magic powder) sprinkled everywhere that legitimizes without proof.

In this case GOD!…. the confusion of whether the Son of God was actually God…… or a an attribute of a man by those that were not able to correctly state his circumstance.

How about spacemen…? You have structures that go back well before our presumption of when the industrial age started…… timepieces that are older than where our understanding began…… Sextants that have been raised from the deep proclaiming that sinceĀ  humans had not the capacity when these were made…. it MUST have been an alternative race… its the only answer………

Magic powder is again sprinkled everywhere because we do not have a reasonable solution for those things that fall in the category of explainable……

If the stone age was from x to x…. if the iron age was then…. the industrial age was then….. anything that we can conclusively prove fell outside those dates MUST be from a supreme being…….

In a book called Chariots of the Gods they make a lot of play about carvings or paintings on walls from Europe to Africa….North to South America with guys that appear to have helmets on…… Pyramids too…….

Definite helmets some with tubes coming out of the back much the same as OUR spacemen. More conclusive proof.

But there is another possible answer………

Imagine that today… right now… the crazies that hold the safety keys to the atomic bombs actually set one off….. their hated arch rival believing it is they under attack…. sets some off too……

Guy 1 reciprocates with more….and…. by 24 hrs……. the only weather we have is an atomic winter…. the only people we have are those on some Caribbean island….. New Zealand….and the depths of Africa simply because that a million dollar bomb was not wasted on them with no strategic value.

A winter sets in that would last twenty years, millions would die of starvation, and the population of the earth would not even reach .001% of the previous levels.

But some would survive, small pockets that revert to very basic living…. food to eat… tribal means of settling issues… but more would die……

The perspective for these survivors would change considerably……. academia would take a back seat to finding enough food to live on……….

Preservation of once had treasures would stop in the quest for finding the very basics to live on, as still more die……..

Once the clouds die down and the and the carnage has taken its toll, what we would have left 200 yrs after the event is a flouring planet……. Animals in abundance, and now likely to have the dominance again.

Perhaps 1000 humans in the whole world who have been thrown back into the stone age where survival is the most critical issue.

All they have is a history passed from generation to generation about beings that once inhabited the earth that did great things, had a magic long since forgotten when the last twenty generations have been focusing on how to survive.

The trouble is that these survivors are the ones from regions that at that time had very limited education anyway… the ones from areas of the earth that had no educational and economic and technical advancement… the ones that were safe from a nuclear attack simply because they were not worth an atomic bomb.

The ones that were never taught engineering and farming or trained so they could invent…….. the ones that have been reliant on a global feeeding system for needy countries they simply dont know how to survive on their own.

Limited in their ability toward advancement they go into further decay and starvation till a point is reached where the system reverts to tribal influence throughout everything they do. Witchcraft becomes a popular means of curing because they have nothing else.

Praying to the planets as desperation for help in growing their food becomes their faith and living to 30 or 35 becomes the new old age.

Perhaps those that we thought of as being visitors with wisdom and intelligence from other planets…. were us all the time! Just Prophesy repeating itself.





Voyager 1

Voyager probe ‘leaves Solar System’


So at last we see that Voyager 1 has now left the solar system officially…… to head for a star called AC +793888, (as if scientists could not have thought of a better name for something as significant as this). The star it aims for is not one it will ever reach alive……… the prospect is good to get there, it just wont have capacity of power as its batteries will have long died, but it does have 10 to 15 yrs of power resource left. Take a look below at what it sees at the moment….

We are there that oh so smaller dot……..Voyager-1….will not approach another star for nearly 40,000 years, even though it is moving at 45km/s (100,000mph).

With 17 hrs currently to get a signal back to earth it really is a feat of 1970’s science…………….. Its job done some twenty years ago, and yet still, giving more information and 36 yrs ago the prospect of this craft going to these extremes and this distance……. was unheard of.

But they may be something else that Voyager 1 and its partner Voyager 2 going in the opposite direction will achieve even yet. As the batteries die, so will its on board systems and will maintain its flight to its target, and although you and I will never see its progression, there is always a very small chance that it will be seen again, not by earthlings you understand but by some new race many many years into the future.

Theoretically it will stay on its course at its same speed for infinity, as an object that “is not acted upon” , and will therefore stay in motion. And as it travels out far away from our sun, its temperature may get lower than a minimum of just 2.7 Kelvin or -270.45 Celsius, but realistically about -250 celcius. Only 23 degrees above absolute zero.

ImageThis final frontier does really hold something if indeed this planet of our succumbs to humans greed or malice, or even a assault from one of the many thousands of rogue pieces of debris that could wipe out our existence in a few seconds. It is comforting to know that even a small piece of our planet is still hurtling through space and will endlessly, unless someone or something stops it.

The romantic side of me says that should it last what may be ions, should some intelligence be able to identify it, and even apprehend it on its journey, they too will look up in the sky and wonder what became of the race long gone who were able achieve the epic goal of putting this machine into space on the path to their doorstep, and yet not able to secure their own mortality……….. those faces, I would love to see……..